about us


MBMFIF was established to address the need to encourage youths and young adults to be informed, involved, and play a dynamic role within the Badagry Corridor, their Communities, Africa and the world. Creating platforms that address key priorities and interests of our future.

MBMFIF, in collaboration with the public, private, and people sector — the 3P Partnership — will provide young adults with a range of exciting opportunities. Talents, skills, experiences, and potentials will be harnessed. This organization is committed to raising the level of awareness on environmental and developmental issues, to create positive changes in developing the continent. To re-enlighten the world about the West Africa Community, its untapped potentials and investment opportunities within its environ and Lagos as a mega city. Also, empowering ourselves to have a say and stake in our Communities, States, Nations and serve as an inspiration to our peers and the younger generations.

Who is Behind MBMFIF?
The MBMFIF is a global coalition of young Adults committed to promoting the dignity of their persons and building solidarity in their places of residence and to their father/motherland. We are ready to work at the regional and international levels to impact policy and culture. Through this lived experience of the dignity of the person, teens, youths, young adults are able to affirm life at all levels of society.


To build bridges between adversaries to advance systematic solution to pressing environmental and social problems of our people and communities round the world. Using Audiovisual tools as a channel to support their innovative ideas that address issues of innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership and development. Create a network, both offline and online, of ingenious young thinkers, children, teens, women, track their performances, provide tools and information for their development and measure our impact in their overall development.


Connect  Diaspora and Friends strategically back to Africa linking their interests to it’s needs.
Enhance young peoples’ success at many levels through programs that foster a life-long commitment to the Badagry Corridor and other communities in Africa .
Advocate, promote and educate the public concerning the value of investing withing the Badagry corridor and Africa .
Support the mission of the MBMFIF Project to develop private funds that advance educational opportunities,promote social economy values,for the children, women,students, staff , unborn generations and the entire  Africa communities we serve.


Inspiring young people in building an intelligent future within the communities across The Badagry Corridor and The African communities .