Viyon Awhanse

       March 2021

ÒHZÓ and all characters and situations described are original ideas of Viyon Awhanse for SAVEOVIYON COMPANY in Partnership with MY BADAGRY MY FUTURE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION © 2021. All Rights Reserved.



Format: HD Drama

Genre: Political/Coming-of-Age/Drama/Action/Thriller

Target Audience: 8-45 M/F

Language: English/Indigenous Languages (Gungbe – Thevi & Alada)

Film Location: Badagry,Lagos-Nigeria.

Duration:  1 hour per episode


There has always been a considerable migration of persons in the West Africa subregion as a result of economic, social and political problems. Africans have through the ages moved across what is now known as international boundaries as cattle rearers, traders, invaders or refugees. This phenomenon has existed from time immemorial. The earliest proof and handiest trace of this is the trans-Sahara trade. During that period, most tribes, especially the larger tribes of the sub-Saharan region migrated towards the south in search of better ecological space and safe zones as well as in search of security, and new lands safe for settlement and fertile for farming. Then, the quest to exchange products of the diverse ecological zones resulted in the exchange of goods, which transformed into the famous trans-Saharan trade routes. Later, this extended to intermarriages, slave trade, and military alliances. In pre-colonial times, migration occurred largely in search of security, new land safe for settlement and fertile enough for farming. However, with effect from the mid-sixteenth century, growing transformations in European trade and the launch of ports along the Coast of West Africa impacted the trans-Saharan trade negatively such that it became associated with the slave trade, thereby leading to the forced displacement of people in their millions, from Africa to Europe, North America, and the Caribbean until the early nineteenth century. To this end, a number of inconvenient economic policies such as forced recruitment and contract as well as forced labour legislation and agreements were utilised to trigger regional labour migration from places such as Mali, Togo and Upper Volta and even Gold Coast and Ivory Coast. Infrastructural developments in Accra, Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, Abidjan, Lomé, Dakar and Cotonou equally influenced the movement of high-level farmers, skilled and unskilled workers, traders and students. Additionally, infrastructural activities, the introduction of taxes and organised labour recruitment also accounted for major factors that triggered migration through the trans-Sahara trade routes. From the foregoing, it is clear that immigration existed before and during the colonial era but restrictions were not enforced because African empires or kingdoms overlapped each other due to the extended family system. Colonisation, or the quest for colonies and the need for trading partners resulted in the scramble for Africa. Once colonisation was achieved, the tide of movement in West Africa clearly changed along customized lines. 


Based on true events, ÒHZÓ tells a captivating story of a boy’s journey into the world of child labour, trafficking and drug smuggling across the dangerous Badagry border.


Synopsis: Twelve-year-old Gigo and half-sister Yemaren are initiated into a secret cult. The outcome of that event will eventually lead to Gigo’s mum coming from the city of Lagos to take him away from Zongome, leaving Yemaren and her mum behind in the middle of a highly dangerous smuggling job and the Nigeria custom authorities. This where story really begins.


Our aim is to create a film that looks into perspectives on illegal routes in Nigeria as it relates to boarder town communities, Nigeria customs and Nigerian Immigration Service.

The specific objectives are to:

  1. Encourage government and non governmental agencies to build schools in boarder town communities
  2. Identify the existence and nature of illegal routes.
  • Examine if the Nigeria Government is performing its role in security policing.
  1. What are the natures of illegal routes?
  2. How has the Nigeria Immigration and Custom Service performed its role in security policing?
  3. Encourage parents to seek education as the only means of building a better future for their wards.

Our concentration on the ÒHZÓ (FIRE) FILM project is concentrated on the border communities in Owode APA / Seme Border Badagry and several other communities located in Nigeria and across West Africa.

Significance of the ÒHZÓ FILM project will enlighten the government on the causes of the proliferation of illegal routes and ways of managing and curbing such. The issues raised in the film will assist the government and relevant authorities most especially, the Nigeria immigration service and the Nigerian custom services, in assessing the real state of the borders in Seme/Badagry and any other boarder town communities across Nigeria so as to intervene where and when necessary. It will also create conversations on the issues of security and smuggling activities in Nigeria.

Audience Demographic

  • General Public:

Providing a better understanding of the nature of illegal activities on our borders with keen concentration on the Badagry.

  • Politically Conscious:

Provide an entertaining and evocative glimpse into the workings of the custom and immigration services.

  • Youth:

The Film ÒHZÓ is targeted to appeal to the younger demographic who are often used to carry out illegal activities in our borders.

  • Education: The Film ÒHZÓ is to encourage more children to attend school and not consider smuggling as an option. The ratio of children in school is less than 30% over 100% and over 80% of the children and youth are into various types of smuggling activities across the boarder town communities in Nigeria. This is due to the fact that there no enough schools across the communities to accommodate the children according to research. If more schools are built across the boarder town communities. The ratio of children that will be enrolled in schools will increase from less than 30% to 70% over 100% and more graduates and decree holders will be on the rise in the next 3 decades (From 2021 – To 2051) that our projection and impact the movie will make, if only the movie is giving the right attention and the government, non governmental agencies, policy makers etc. applies the right formula then also implements the suggested polices derived from the ÒHZÓ film project. This will not only reduce the ration of children into smuggling but will add more human capital to the country, which will in return increase it GDP.
  • The Authorities:

We hope to raise awareness and create a line of communication where authorities especially those responsible for decision making will begin to critically look into the issues of illegal activities and find better ways of dealing with them.


The ÒHZÓ FILM will have a unique brand outlook that will be exciting and intriguing. We will adhere to the following components that will make for a successful outing.

  • Look and Feel

With a High-end Cinematic approach to production, we will create a master piece (unique and contemporary Film) that will communicate the goals and objective of the film and will also appeal to numerous brands and platforms. In full consultation with the Nigerian Custom and the Nigerian Immigration services, we will discuss the direction, script and layout of all the elements evolved in the development of this project; to ensure it meets the required standards.

  • Accurate Information

The content developed from the story will be precisely what the target audience needs to know. Working with relevant research documents to ensure that all information published on this film is accurate

. • Equipment and Personnel

The film will be captured with high-end Ultra HD equipment both sound and visuals combined and processed with the best of platforms by Competent and experienced personnel and actors that have cut their teeth in the Film and Television business.


We hope to bring our expertise to you through entertainment to further your organisation’s communications reach via film and creative visual media. Using this platform we hope to deepen the discuss around the issues of Smuggling, Trafficking, and Illegal migration in Nigeria.

With a reliable Project Lead and impressive creative team in place that has tread similar ground in the past, it will be our delight to produce an engaging and exciting film that mirrors your mission and objectives towards providing better working services on our borders.



SAVEOVIYON COMPANY (SVC) a uniquely Independent, incorporated in 2010, is a privately owned production company. A wholly indigenous, dynamic and fully integrated TV/FILM production company that is in the business of producing audio/visual content for television with an international clout. Saveoviyon Company is actively engaged in all areas of domestic media production services, including film projects, festivals, and other distinctive event venues, locations, visa & permit procurements, accreditation to foreign crew, television, digital delivery and entertainment markets. The Company is known for creating unique and providing distinctive strategies tailored to each project. SVC is known for its creatively coordinated managerial strategies incorporating alliances and providing services with such strategic partners as MNET Africa Magic, Nvivo TV, Familiar Grounds, ZDF TV Mediathek (Kenya, South Africa & Germany), IBST media, Opmod Signature Media Ltd, TATAFO HQ Ltd, The Wongfaehong Production Company, Jungle Film Works, Allied Films, Cinematic Solutions Kenya, IFAGE Film Produktion Germany, Fuel Films (UK), KIKA, 3sat, 567 Entertainment, Cut24 Productions, Maverick Advertising UK, Lucid Av ( Saatchi & Saatchi lagos) just to mention a few. As a dynamic, creative, project management, logistics, production company committed to raising the level of Nigerians awareness’ of environmental and development issues to create positive change to develop the continent cinematically. The philosophy of doing good while doing well is practically a mantra at svc, and in addition to its support of charitable organisations as a result of this, the company has developed a program entitled MEET THE MENTORS AFRICA an annual event and other projects since 2016 in partnership with the ‘My Badagry! My Future’ a Lagos based NGO. SVC has been awarded with various award for it humanitarian support since over the years through this gesture.


Viyon is the Principal Consultant of the Saveoviyon Company & Gbagi Communication Ltd, a Nigerian filmmaker, Social Crusader, holds a bachelor degree in Economics. For a decade, he has garnered key experience in different strata of the communication industry and has become a recognisable voice in the media/entertainment world amongst its practitioners in Nigeria and across board. He has work as a production executive for close to 1000 episodes of television ranging from work on premium cable networks like Multichoice Nigeria (Jemeji, Forbidden, Halita) and La Unidad for Movistar spain to Web-based content (Before Dawn- NVIVO TV) to released features (The Price – USA)

He is the Founder / CEO of MBMFIF and a youth leader in Badagry where the NGO is situated


 Bem is a committed creative film and TV producer with credit covering drama, documentaries and commercials. He is the founder of TAKE 7 MEDIA, a film and TV production company based in Abuja, Nigeria. He produced season 2 of the hit EbonyLife TV series SONS OF THE CALIPHATE and the brand new telenovela HALITA for Africa Magic on M-net. Bem produced the award-winning docudrama ONE SMALL STEP funded by the Ford Foundation, the political short film A NEW DAWN for the Nigerian Women Trust Fund, and nine award-winning short films under the Nigerian Integrity Film Awards platform (HOMEVIDA). He worked as a production manager on SILENT TEARS, an OSIWA grant documentary on gender-based violence that won the Audience Choice Award at the 5th African International Film Festival in 2015. He directed STRONG REASONS, a faith based film about a young girl’s struggle to survive in a harsh environment and her road to redemption.

Bem is the producer of 4TH REPUBLIC, a Political Thriller and MacArthur Foundation Grant film project that deals with the issues of good governance and accountability as it relates to election tribunals in Nigeria.


Jide is a storyteller, scriptwriter, and filmmaker that specialize in writing, directing, producing, and production design. A graduate of the University of Lagos with a degree in Business administration and management. Jide is a graduate of the Multimedia training institute film school in Lagos, where he obtained his diploma in film and documentary. Jide has been working in the Nigerian movie and TV industry for over 15 years. This experience has had him do movies such as Bandit, Girl Next Door & Cast Away as well as topical documentaries on the Asaba Massacre of the Nigerian Civil War and the conflicts between farmers and herdsmen in Nigeria.


 Banjo is the Principal consultant of The Wongfaehong Production Co. He is a seasoned Video Production professional with his core competences being Post Production and building video production systems. He has managed Post Production systems for close to 1000 episodes of television ranging from work on premium cable networks like Multichoice Nigeria (Ajoche, Jemeji, Riona, Enakhe, Halita) to Web-based content (Bukafedgeeks) to cinema released features (Up North, The New Normal, Finding Hubby)

He is also a member of the board of Trustees of MBMFIF.


In 15 years he has risen through the ranks (writer ‘Shuga’ and writer-director on ‘Tinsel’ ‘Hotel Majestic’) to become a show-runner (‘Hush’) and Executive Producer (‘Jemeji’, ‘Dowry’, ‘Flat 3B’, ‘Man Of Her Dreams’ and ‘Enakhe’).

His company TatafoHQ Ltd, is credited with birthing the first full running web series from Nigeria #howsheleftmybrother in 2012. He hosts training sessions called ‘Baking Bread’ for screenwriters and budding show-runners while also powering the YouTube channel ‘BukaFedGeeks’ which aimed to release over 100 episodes of content in 2019 alone.

He has directed over 200 hours of prime-time television, written over 200 hours of the same and created and show-run eight shows in the last five years..

The End

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