Our Mission

Our Goals

1: Establish and cultivate relations with Africans, and friends of Africa and its Community through communications, programs, and services.

2: Serve as the primary resource for MBMFIF services and programs, working with youths, women,children,young adult and adults to promote Africans involvement and cultivation.

3: Identify, motivate and train strong volunteers on how to promote, advertise, package in selling the brand THE BADAGRY CORRIDOR PROJECT and other underdeveloped communities to the world.

4: Encourage diversity by increasing the involvement of minority and the young in the life and support of the Project

5: Building bridges between adversaries to advance systematic solution to pressing environmental and social problems of our race, people and communities round the world



About mybadagry

#MBMFIF : Inspiring young people in building an intelligent future within the communities across The Badagry Corridor and The West Africa communities .