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Apart from the exposure The MBMFIF will give to the Volunteers; it serves as a means of them learning during their free time.

The other benefit for the Volunteers is The MBMFIF Enterprise Support Scheme; this is a mentorship and training program that will run through the year, mostly but not exclusively, for young secondary school graduates and University students. This program aims to equip them with the leadership, managerial, and facilitation skills that is required in today’s labor market.And help us to achieve the SDGs plus develop Youth Skills. Volunteers get to participate in this program for free.

The training topics are aimed at improving the business, entrepreneurial and management skills of Volunteers. As a result of these programs, Volunteers are expected to be able to go to the workplace with a clearer perspective of the components and steps necessary for improved business management either through individual effort and/or effective teamwork.

Volunteers will be given certificates after the duration of their service with the organization and a prize is awarded to the Best Volunteer of the year after The MBMFIF project.

To celebrate our volunteers yearly, we have the Volunteers After Party’ which will happen after the event, this is a way of appreciating Volunteers and giving them an opportunity to interact and socialize.

The MBMFIF will also motivates Volunteers to make an impact in the society; it opens them to opportunities to meet with other young people that are already making big achievements.