MBMFIF Volunteer is any young person that is willing to join the worthy cause that The MBMFIF represents.
The aim of “MBMFIF….” is to inspire young people by showing them others as young as themselves who have managed to conquer the ‘difficult’ Nigerian & the African environment.

That there is concrete hope, for the nation and Africa. To inspire young people into concrete attainments i.e. building new businesses, entrepreneurship and creating new ideas.

The MBMFIF Volunteer is a person that is willing to support this cause, such a person is expected to be able to speak about The MBMFIF Project anywhere and represent the organization anywhere. Such person doesn’t necessarily have to be a graduate or in Lagos, any one that is willing to spare his time is welcome from any part of Nigeria and even abroad.

The MBMFIF project will come up every year, there will be a series of events before and after the event that the staff of SAVEOVIYON COMPANY (organizers of The MBMFIF’S Projects) alone cannot handle. This is where volunteers come in to lend a hand, while helping they are also learning on the field.

Note: some volunteers may not exactly be the one doing all of these activities e.g.; Security and Ushering but are needed to help out with supervision.

In Nigeria, loads of people want to be a part of various worthy causes in the country, and a very good way of being part of such causes is by volunteering with such organizations.

Volunteering takes many forms: many volunteers are specifically trained in the areas they work in, while some are only used for emergencies. The MBMFIF Projects is aiming to build the largest army of volunteers in the country and diaspora. We are confident we will be able to build this force of young personals within our communities and in the Diaspora who are eager to make a change and acquiring great knowledge in the process. They will as well be open to a vista of valuable opportunities whilst they are engaged in adding concrete value to their country and society.

Practically, their major reward is that they are able to participate in every one of our programs and training’s free of charge. They also get a yearly Volunteer of the Year Award, and are celebrated on International Volunteers Day.

We are always on the lookout for institutional partnerships that can provide capacity and extend the impact of our work regularly.

Please contact us on mybadagry@gmail.com

Every year, we have public spirited Badagrians/Nigerians and friends of Africa who commit financial and material support and resources to support our work. We always appreciate those.

Send us a mail on mybadagry@gmail.com to discuss this.

We have several sponsorship packages for everyone from small and medium scale businesses to multinationals, and this gives you incredible brand value.

Request for a sponsorship document or meeting from mybadagry@gmail.com