Brain Storming Meeting (BSM) is a non governmental funded think-thank and policy advocacy group dedicated to creating an enabling environment in other to strengthen the means of implementation  and revitalize the social – economy development and build global partnership for sustainable development that will foster economic growth in our communities using the MBMIFF as Platform.


The first-ever My Badagry My Future Brainstorming meeting of Passionate Stockholders (Badagrians and friends of Badagry) aiming for Badagry’s development was held on Monday 30th May 2016 at Fams Embassy Suite, Ibereko Badagry Lagos and agreed on a set of recommendations and actions including an urgent review to clarify the current standardization landscape. This would help focus resources and collaboration so as to better respond to urgent needs and the evolving nature of Badagry, facilitate the launch of a committee, promote cost-effective solutions, address developmental problems, the need of developing our people, environments, communities and our future.