Does the name MBMFIF stand for anything as acronym?
MBMFIF was founded in the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2014 with Reg. No CAC/IT/NO/72767. The name stood for My Badagry My Future International Foundation. Today the name MBMF is used in its own right rather than as an acronym.


Where is MBMFIF located?
We are headquartered in Lagos Nigeria


Where does MBMFIF work?
To build bridges between adversaries to advance systematic solution to pressing environmental and social problems of our people and communities round the world, MBMFIF advocating for policy change to improve the lives of the people and our communities, implementing long-term programs to fight poverty and responding to humanitarian emergencies.


Who supports MBMFIF?
Hundreds of thousands of individuals and corporations, foundations and other organizations support MBMFIF each year. We also are looking forward in obtaining funding and commodities from governmental agencies, corporations, the European Union and the United Nations.


How can I make a donation in honor of your projects?
Gifts in honor of projects / someone can be made online here by entering the projects name and the address for sending the acknowledgement. By phone, in honor donations can be made by calling +2348093456222, +2348033202788. Please be ready to provide the honoree’s address.


What address should I use to mail in my donation?
Click here to learn how to send your donations to MBMFIF’s secure, authorized donation processor.


HOW DO I BECOME a Sponsor?
We have several sponsorship packages for everyone from small and medium scale businesses to multinationals, and this gives you incredible brand value. Request for a sponsorship document or meeting from myabadgry@gmail.com


Every year, we have public-spirited Badagrians/Nigerians and friends of Africa who commit financial and material support and resources to support our work. We always appreciate those. Send us a mail on mybadagry@gmail.com  to discuss this.


HOW DO I BECOME a development partner?
We are always on the lookout for institutional partnerships that can provide capacity and extend the impact of our work regularly. Please contact us on mybadagry@gmail.com


MBMFIF Volunteer is any young person that is willing to join the worthy cause that The MBMFIF represents. The aim of “MBMFIF….” is to inspire young people by showing them others as young as themselves who have managed to conquer the ‘difficult’ Nigerian & the African environment. Please visit mybadagry.org/volunteer