The anchor was Mr. Yemi Olomosowa who set the ball rolling.

The representative of the Rte. Rev Bishop Ahisu of the Methodist Dioceses of Nigeria in person of The Rev A.S. Tosu at about 11:05am took the opening prayer.

The national anthem was taken by all was led by Mr. Fatuliti Abidemi. (Abidemi sax)

The founder, Mr. Viyon Eso Awhanse Founder/CEO MBMFI and convener was invited to take the opening speech. He started by appreciating all seated. He gave a brief background of how it all started and said the project has been a journey of 8 years. He made mention of how he shares his little income and support from some passionate  Badagrians whose aim is to make sure the MBMFI FOUNDATION project thrives and has made the development of Badagry a priority.

He made mention of how his team has been busy using Audiovisual in documenting activities, building documentary and principal photography on Badagry, Badagrians, investors, activities in promoting and to bring Badagry back to the world map and also as a form of building an Audiovisual data bank of Badagry and her people. In other for Badagry to gain Attraction, Attention and Visibility. He said we shouldn’t sit back and watch people tell our own story differently to our future, and us which gradually are sneaking in.

The anchor said he has adopted Badagry as his home. He said he believes so much in Badagry and made reference to the fact that Badagrians are humble to a fault. We are not people that put others down to be heard.
Clips from the documentary built on Badagry by the MBMFIF team are still tirelessly working on was viewed by the attendees.

The anchor went further by encouraging us all to be passionate about Badagry. And said we are a community blessed by nature. We need to make actionable plans, looking at our strength and how we can turn our weakness into what will benefit us. He said we should build on what unifies us than what tears us apart. He said investors are coming in strongly especially because of the most recent discovery of oil that is major sources of economy growth in our great nation for know.

The meeting recognized that Badagry is deliberately left behind and majority of the land are under acquisition. Most lands in Badagry is under acquisition, investors can’t come, that there is need for an urgent attention in other to have our lands back so as to attract investors without these developments can not come. Their ‘s need also to press our Honorable’s to call on the Lagos State Government and FERMA to help rehabilitate our roads.

There is urgent need to be re – positioned Badagry, Spiritually, Politically, Economically. We must make sure that 100yards from us left and right their Badagry must not been an uneducated person in any house within Badagry. There must be career counseling programs and mentoring.

We all encouraged to encapsulating on what we have discussed and call for The MBMFI FOUNDATION to organize more Brain Storming meeting in other come up with developmental idea that can be use in building a development master plan for Badagry.

The attendees watched a short documentary on the challenges the Badagry people are faced with for the second time.

Closing Remark

His Honour, High Chief Menu Toyon 11. Mobee of Badagry Kingdom gave the closing speech. He prayed for the Founder and all the attendees. And asked if the representative of the HRM De Wheno, Aholu Menu-Toyi 1 OFR, LL.D, D.Litt. DCOB, JP. Akran Of Badagry Kingdom was available, but no one was present at the meeting, he went further in saying that Badagry is sick and he mentioned a lot of company that has died in Badagry. He said through Him by the grace of God so many others who are passionate about the development of Badagry by attending the meeting, that every dead thing has been revived. He encouraged the Founder and the MBMFIF team to be sensitive. He said the committee should be formed and should consist of people who can contribute their time, financially, resourcefully and ready to sacrifice to the development of the Foundation and Badagry. He expressed his joy about the success of the day’s meeting.

The Closing prayer was conducted by Alh. L.G. Sikiru (Former Chairman Badagry Central Mosque)


JULY 2016 and the MY BADAGRY MY FUTURE SUMMIT 2017 plans has

begun this is based on the feedback form filled by the attendees requesting for

MyBadagry the Summit to debut in May 2017 in other to help foster quick Attention to Badagry, all attendees will be updated on the development as soon as possible.


Secretary Senami O. Zinsu