Meet The Mentor is a hub for young Afripreneur to showcase their innovations and network with known professionals in their individual field across our communities in Africa to educate them to gain better understanding of the regional job market, passion for the job, establish valuable networking contacts and learn more about sector -specific language and professional practice in Africa and the World.

The Afripreneurship Summit is the most inclusive gathering of young African and an opportunity for them to connect with some of the best in African Businesses and Professionals. Mentees will meet with professionals, established afriprenures, business leaders, established entrepreneurs and policymakers to forge partnerships, share insights and fashion Africa-made solutions to accelerate the transformation of their communities within and outside Africa.

Benefits for Mentees

  • Establish and grow your professional network in your community and surrounding area
  • Network in targeted occupation/industry
  • Connect with African’s hidden job market
  • Increase confidence in the job search
  • Expand access to local labour market information
  • Refine job goals
  • Identify transferrable skills
  • And as a result – secure meaningful employment in their professional field.

Benefits for Mentors

  • Strengthen leadership and coaching skills
  • Improve inter-cultural awareness
  • Expand communication skills
  • Gain an international perspective on your field or occupation
  • Spot talent for potential recruitment – before your competition

The goal of the MBMFIF MEET THE MENTOR is to improve the quality and effectiveness of mentoring across our community by supporting youth mentoring practitioners to more deeply incorporate evidence-based practices.

Check out the below tools and resources, apply for technical assistance online, and send us your user feedback!

Technical Assistance

In addition to accessing online resources, mentoring programs can apply for no-cost training and technical assistance to support them in more deeply incorporating evidence-based practices, ultimately leading to greater positive outcomes for young people. This technical assistance will be provided by MENTOR: The MBMFIF Mentoring Partnership’s (MENTOR) network of affiliate Professionals, Entrepreneurs’, Mentoring Partnerships and experts in the field.

Examples of potential technical assistance that might be requested include: development of new or revision of existing mentoring training materials; guidance and consultation on mentor recruitment plans and strategies; analysis of mentor screening processes; and analysis of match support processes and consultation on strategies for improvement.

Resources and Research Board

The MBMFIF Mentoring Resource Center is a dynamic repository of mentoring program resources (e.g., training guides, handbooks and curricula) that are intended to promote positive youth outcomes, particularly those relating to the prevention of delinquent behavior, victimization and juvenile justice system involvement. All of these materials are reviewed by the MBMFIF Mentoring Resource Center Research Board to assess and report on the evidence that supports their effectiveness.

The MBMFIF Mentoring Resource Center Research Board is comprised of prominent researchers who have expertise in areas that are representative of the diversity in youth mentoring practice with regard to program models, settings for implementation, and specific populations and outcomes of interest.

For further information, feedback, please contact the Mentorship Program Coordinator at