The Badagry Project,  is designed to promote  innovations , business and ideals across our communities to the regional job market, re-establish valuable networking contacts for them to  learn more about sector -specific language and  to come up with project ideas specific to the needs of their communities and other regions. The Badagry projects is design to tackle any problem, be short or long term. The goal is Using Audiovisual tools as a channel to support  innovative ideas that address issues of innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership and development through meaningful activities and community engagement. The Badagry Project is made for FREE with help  from our Friends and  Partners.

How can I make a donation in honor of your projects?

Gifts in honor of projects / someone can be made online here by entering the projects name and the address for sending the acknowledgement. By phone, in honor donations can be made by calling +2348093456222, +2348033202788. Please be ready to provide the honoree’s address.