We spur the spirit of enterprise and leadership in other to address needs, encouraging you to be involved,

Informed, and play a dynamic part within the Badagry corridor and its communities within and outside Nigeria, while creating a network of like-minded individuals with strong determination to work towards fulfilling the dream of a better and self-reliant people and their Environs. MBMFIF is expected to grow exponentially and occur year after year becoming a leading international movement, continental in all respects.


We vouch to maximally bring people together, connect organizations that support social ventures and foster a positive socio-economic change by ensuring individual development.

Establish and cultivate relations with Africans, and friends of Africa and its Community, through communications, programs, and services.

Serve as the primary resource for MBMFIF services and programs, work with youths, women, children, young adult and adults to promote Africans involvement and cultivation.

Identify, motivate and train strong volunteers on how to promote, advertise, package in selling the brand THE BADAGRY CORRIDOR PROJECT and other underdeveloped communities within WEST AFRICA to the world.

Encourage diversity by increasing the involvement of the minority, the young in life and the support of our Projects.

To create a platform for teens, youths, young adults within the Badagry corridor to channel their innovative ideas that address issues of innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership and development.

To create a network, both offline and online, of ingenious young thinkers, track their performance, provide tools and information for their development, and measure our impact in their overall development.